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I have just watched Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, an HBO documentary made in 2007 by director Rory Kennedy.

It interviewed all the military police involved and prosecuted for the abuses, with the exception of Specialist Graner who remains in prison. It also features John Yoo, law and military scholars and Mark Danner.

It provides a voice to the military police who were portrayed as “bad apples” on the Abu Ghraib night-shift. It does not allow the military leadership off the hook.

The close of the film concentrates on the fact that no investigation followed the chain of command to the Pentagon, from where Rumsfeld’s Department of Defense had signed off on the most brutal interrogation techniques in US history.

In the first round of Pentagon memos, Rumsfeld questioned why the standing stress position would be limited to ONLY four hours!


Rumsfeld is a worm and you can quote me on that.


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