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The governator wants to outsource California’s prisons to Mexico. Arnie went totally off script and blurted out an idea not even Matthew Cate, Secretary for the California Department of Corrections could, or would, back up.

Schwarzenegger suggested that outsourcing would save California $1billion/year, but couldn’t state from where he got the figure.

The idea is a non-starter for so many reasons. I know Arnie is desperate for solutions but he must at least be expected to stay within the realms of reality, no?

In a loose tangential thread, I have been impressed recently by the works of Livia Corona and Alejandro Cartagena.

Corona and Cartagena both train their lenses on suburbia, not prisons (although the psychologies of the two architectures may converge?)

On the evidence of their photographs the construction industry in Mexico is booming, even if it is ugly.

© Livia Corona. From the series, 'Two Million Homes for Mexico'

© Alejandro Cartagena. From the series, 'Fragmented Cities'

Thanks to Katie DeGraff for the tip off on Arnie’s madness


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