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Peter Barry has been documenting the Rest In Peace tags in Baltimore for over ten years:

“In 1999 I started documenting these. I have lived in Baltimore Maryland twice, from 1969 to 1974, and 1985 to present. Statistics of Baltimore Maryland, since 1990, POPULATION DROP: 100,000, HOUSES DEMOLISHED: 50,000+, READING GRADE LEVEL: Low, HIV/AIDS: High, HEROIN ADDICTION: High, and a MURDER RATE of approximately 300 per year. It is this murder rate as manifest through the graffiti “R.I.P.” that I have been documenting since 1999.”

I wanted to post this and try to figure out how this tallies with Daniel Shea’s project Baltimore, which I featured earlier this year.

More on R.I.P. Baltimore here and here.


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