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There’s a beguiling animated feature up on the website of Australia’s Global Mail. Illustrated by Sam Wallman, the piece tells the story of a former worker at an immigrant detention facility and how he — along with those locked up — slowly lost his mind. The detention center (we should all just call it a prison) was, and is, a incubator for illogic and for cruelty. An atmosphere that only rewards dehumanisation persists.

The facility is operated by the Serco Group, a British-based multinational corporation with interests and operations in logistics, security, government contracts across the world . It seems detention facilities are a boom sector for a company like Serco which operates all of Australia’s detention facilities. Serco hit the headlines late last year in Britain when it faced allegations of covering up extensive sexual predation and abuse at Yarl’s Wood, the UK’s largest immigration detention center for women.

As I’ve noted before, Australian’s are worried about Serco’s practices.

Not photography, but in this case, more powerful than a photograph. Maybe it’s the human touch within a pen stroke?

Thanks to Gemma Rose-Turnbull (an Australian) for the tip.

Serco is a UK based multinational company, with many fingers in many pies. The Guardian has called them “The biggest company you’ve never heard of.”

Serco sees profit in many things, including the private prison of the UK and Australia. Are you caught in the web?

The wikipedia profile supplies many valuable news sources for further learning.


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