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Was it an inside act of rebellion?

I have absolutely no grounds on which to make an accusation, which is why I phrase it as a question.

But just looking at the foolish doctoring of images, especially the helicopter cockpit image, I wonder if the culprit intended to be caught? The color of the photoshopped image is just ludicrous, literally unbelievable, unless that is Martin Parr’s Gulf of Mexico!

To me, the reworking seems suspiciously blatant. Who is the “contract photographer” doing these pig-eared photoshoppings? And, is he/she a saboteur?

Original. © BP p.l.c.

Botched photoshop. © BP p.l.c.


Rather joyously, this image has become a meme. See the comments in the original and excellent Gawker article!

I’m on a graphics-bender at the moment. Greenpeace is running a BP logo redesign competition at the moment. Here’s the entries so far.

Just a few observations:

– It was clear from day one, no-one at BP had a clue how to deal with the leak or take leadership of untested emergency responses. Now a month on, I hope they have some ideas … quickly.

– BP’s ridiculously low (and early unrevised) estimate of 5,000 leaking gallons/day is an insult to our intelligence.

– What I type today will not reflect the reality tomorrow.

Found via eyeteeth, a blog that has recently become a staple for my wandering eyes.


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