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In the interests of full disclosure, DuckRabbit and Prison Photography have become virtually-close these past couple of months, beginning with an acknowledged shared politic, via encouraging support, to a mention in DuckRabbit’s announcement of a daring competition that I feel I had only a small part to do with.


I am not advertising DuckRabbit’s $1,000 competition for brevity’s sake. I am promoting it because:

a) Stan Banos had an excellent point in the first instance
b) DuckRabbit has not been shy to challenge inequalities before (including MSF – opening dialogue, discussing visual ethics and celebrating consequent positive representations on MSF’s photoblog)
c) PDN, with an all-white 25 juror panel has a valid charge of passive racism to answer.
d) I think it is a ballsy move, and I want to see what comes of it.

Up for the debate?

FOR $1,000 YOU MUST;

“Come to PDN’s defense and answer the question, What possible, plausible excuse could exist for an all white jury from a publication of such influence?’”


prisonphotography [at] gmail [dot] com

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